EBR Hour of Code - December 5 - 9

Let's join the millions of students experiencing an Hour of Code all over the world. Interested in bringing this learning experience to your classroom?  The Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System STEMup BR project is here to help. No prior experience is needed. It's never been easier - Register your class by clicking here and let us know if you would like help.  Volunteers - Register here to spend one hour assisting a class.


Let's do it!   Okay, you've registered your class with us.  Here are a few suggested tips for making your hour of code successful:

  1. Take a moment to register with at the official Hour of Code site.
  2. Review your options for coding tutorials. In addition to HOC site, look to the right for more suggestions.
  3. Plan ahead. If using new EBR Chromebooks (HOC activities have no issues with desktops) and can't work HOC tutorials, see trouble-shooting:  a) Place a help desk request. 
    www.helpdesk.ebrschools.org b) Select the web filter or internet filter options to grant access. c) Choose a different Hour of Code resource.
  4. Show an inspirational video about coding careers. We have provided 2 videos prepared by us or choose from many others posted online. Continue to do so all week. The more the better.
  5. Code!  If students finish early, either get them to create their own project or run another tutorial.
  6. Celebrate! Students get cool "Learn to Code... Code to Learn" wristbands and class enters a drawing for pizza party!

Extra coding and career resources!  

Coding Tutorials for Students

Hour of Code Tutorial Sites:

Official Hour of Code Tutorials:  https://hourofcode.com/us/learn OR https://studio.code.org/


Meet Godric

Godric Johnson, Producer and Creative Director @ Jetstreame

The Value of Coding

As a graduate of Scotlandville High School, what inspired you to become a coder?