Broadmoor Middle Team Holds First Class!!

The butterflies are gone! We held our first class today at Broadmoor Middle and we hope the students had at least half the fun that we did mentoring. Team members participating today were Reatha Wright, Karen Sirman, Barry Campos, Pat Cavell , and last but certainly not least,  our fearless leader, Kim Fossey.  It was great fun and very rewarding.
A few thoughts from a team debrief after class:
  • We had 5 mentors on site and it was great. More mentors meant more input, more one on one attention to the kids, and more hands to help setup and cleanup.
  • Get to class at least 20 minutes ahead of time to make sure you can get things set up and ready to go when class starts. It's suprising how fast the time goes when you're setting up.
  • It certainly felt that the kids were excited and fully engaged and provided lots of input.  Near the end one student asked "When are you coming back?" We took that as a good sign.
  • The 10 minute special report VOD on Runoff was excellent, explained the problem well, and the kids really liked it.
  • Kim brought all the supplies for today's class and for the remaining classes. They are in Ms Evans' lab class. We might want to get a 2-3 rolls of paper towels. The Don't Runoff unit requires a fair bit of cleanup.
  • When conducting a class make sure 1 or 2 folks are taking pics and videos.
  • Before class starts, and perhaps before you even get to school, try to divy up tasks among the team members that will be conducting the class. 
  • Make sure at least one mentor brings a laptop to play any VOD's. Suggest you download the VOD's ahead of time.
  • Most sessions will have a VOD that you may play near the beginning of class. If that's the case then start the class in Ms Evans regular classroom and use the projector in that room to display the VOD from a laptop. After that you can move the kids to the lab class to continue the session. Might want to bring a small speaker such as an iHome to attach to your laptop when playing the VOD. Also, if possible check out ahead of time how the VOD displays on the projector  - you may need to adjust it.
Remember, next class is next Friday,  Feb  6th. The topic will be Activity 2 – Green Possibilities. Plenty of room for more mentors for that session! Don't miss the fun.
Thanks Ms Evans for allowing us to mentor your class. They're great kids!

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  • I have to agree with Pat’s entire summary of the first day of class at Broadmoor Middle School, it was a lot of fun and very rewarding.

    I was very impressed with the student’s attention and interest in the subject; the hands on nature of the activity really does work to get the kids fully engaged.  They asked lots questions throughout our time with them and its obvious Ms. Evans encourages and expects participation from all the students.

    I’m looking forward to the next class!

  • Great summary, team.  One other suggestion is to use name tags.  Icebreaker introductions are great, but from week to week, it would be a great way to learn student names if we used name tags :)

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Silent Identification

  • Each participant is asked to write words or draw pictures that describe themselves. This is done silently. They pin the picture on their chests, walk around and have everyone look each other over. Pictures are then shuffled and participants are asked to identify the person to whom the picture belongs.



Name Game

  • Sit in a circle. One person starts by using an adjective starting with the same letter as his or her first name, followed by the first name (e.g., Clever Claire, Kind Karen). The next person has to repeat the first person's adjective and name and then add his or her own. It goes around the circle and the last person has to repeat all the other names in order and end with his or her own.



Human Knot

  • Have a group of 10-15 stand very close together. Tell them to reach out their arms so all hands are jumbled and intertwined. Tell them to grab one hand for each of their hands, but not the hand of the person next to them. Now they are a human knot and must use teamwork to untangle themselves into one circle without letting go of their hands.



Toilet Tissue

  • Tell participants to take a length of tissue. Only after all have taken some, tell them for each panel of tissue they have to say one positive thing about themselves. (You could vary what they have to do or say for each tissue square, tailored to your objective. In another variation, use M&M's – for each color they have to say one thing. For example, if the color is yellow, they must say something sunny about themselves; if it’s red, they must share an embarrassing moment, and so forth.)

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