Logistics Come First! Team Cisco Offers Advice

In terms of getting your lesson off to a smooth start and assigning sections of the unit to teach, Team Cisco offers this list of questions to ask the teacher.

  • Since we've all got busy schedules, would it be possible to have team members drop by to meet you first as an introduction at Broadmoor on different times/days? If so are there some specific times/day of each week that would work best for you to have one or more of us visit you and see the school and your classroom?
  • We understand that this semester their will be 7 STEM lessons. How long do you expect each STEM mentoring session to run? For example, should we plan on no more than 50 minutes, 1 hour, 1hr 15 minutes, etc?
  • Would you like the sessions to occur on the same day and time each week, or would you rather map out the 7 sessions indivudually on specific days?
  • Are their certain weeks, or days in a week, that are particulary bad for the sessions and that should be scheduled around?
  • Our understanding is that ideally we would hold the first session before Mardi Gras and complete all 7 lessons before spring testing begins. In that regard we'll need your guidance on mapping out the dates/times of the 7 different sessions.  Can you elaborate on the spring testing dates?
  • Our understanding is that ideally we would want at least 2 mentors at each lesson, in addition to yourself. Is that your understanding?
  • Are there any specific logistics you need to make us aware of as we enter the campus (ex: where to park, where to go to sign-in, etc)
  • Once we nail down the dates/times of all 7 sessions with you then we can assign individual team members to take certain lessons.
  • What are the class sizes?
  • Could you let us know the schedule details (days and times)? 
  • What would be the earliest starting date(s) for the first session that you feel comfortable with?
  • We really need answers to the 2 questions immediately above so we can assign mentors to the various sessions.
  • We expect approximately 7 total sessions including a final showcase session at the end.  There are 6 sessions where we go through activities in the STEM unit we'll be using. It's entitled "Don't Runoff: Engineering an Urban Landscape" from the Engineering Everywhere curriculm.

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Silent Identification

  • Each participant is asked to write words or draw pictures that describe themselves. This is done silently. They pin the picture on their chests, walk around and have everyone look each other over. Pictures are then shuffled and participants are asked to identify the person to whom the picture belongs.



Name Game

  • Sit in a circle. One person starts by using an adjective starting with the same letter as his or her first name, followed by the first name (e.g., Clever Claire, Kind Karen). The next person has to repeat the first person's adjective and name and then add his or her own. It goes around the circle and the last person has to repeat all the other names in order and end with his or her own.



Human Knot

  • Have a group of 10-15 stand very close together. Tell them to reach out their arms so all hands are jumbled and intertwined. Tell them to grab one hand for each of their hands, but not the hand of the person next to them. Now they are a human knot and must use teamwork to untangle themselves into one circle without letting go of their hands.



Toilet Tissue

  • Tell participants to take a length of tissue. Only after all have taken some, tell them for each panel of tissue they have to say one positive thing about themselves. (You could vary what they have to do or say for each tissue square, tailored to your objective. In another variation, use M&M's – for each color they have to say one thing. For example, if the color is yellow, they must say something sunny about themselves; if it’s red, they must share an embarrassing moment, and so forth.)

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