Glasgow Check In

Glasgow Check In 

December 4, 2015 Baton Rouge, LA - Today we checked in on Team Trace Security mentoring at Glasgow Middle School. Team Trace is leading a project focused on creating a bionic arm! In today's lesson, students created arms using principles of simple machines and hydraulics. The arms were crafted out of balsa wood and syringes and tubes filled with water. The goal was to have to arm open and close. All teams were successful and created arms with the appropriate range of motion. 

Next lesson, the students will move on to using circuits to create an arm powered by electricity! Check out below for more photos! 

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4th Annual IT Girls Creative Coding Day

Last week on St. Patrick’s Day, seventy girls representing middle schools all over town were lucky enough to attend the fourth annual IT-Girls Creative Computing event.  Sponsored by Louisiana Women in Technology and supported by STEMup Baton Rouge and the Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System, the goal of the program is to introduce girls to the field of information technology by exploring programming tools like Scratch and JavaScript (p5.js).  In addition to the fun coding challenges that included game and web design products, the girls were also exposed to over 30 volunteers representing either IT companies or career fields.  Big thanks goes out to key sponsors who included Louisiana Tech Park, Geocent, Sparkhound, General Informatics, New Aperio, NexusLA, Giraphics, K&J Home Services and the Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System.  We also wish to thank Costco, Bet-R and Whole Foods who supplied snacks for the day.