UPdate - Glasgow and Trace Engineer Circuits

UPdate - Glasgow and Trace Engineer Circuits

December 8, 2015 Baton Rouge, LA - Team Trace Security retuned to Glasgow to continue work on their bionic arm project. Today, students learned about and engineered their own circuits. The circuits powered various types of buzzers and were powered by batteries and switches. Students experimented with carrying the current through different objects and materials, and creating single and parallel circuit layouts. Circuits are used in many engineered devices, and could be used as signaling components on bionic arms. 

Great job students! Keep up the good work everyone! More photos below. 

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4th Annual IT Girls Creative Coding Day

Last week on St. Patrick’s Day, seventy girls representing middle schools all over town were lucky enough to attend the fourth annual IT-Girls Creative Computing event.  Sponsored by Louisiana Women in Technology and supported by STEMup Baton Rouge and the Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System, the goal of the program is to introduce girls to the field of information technology by exploring programming tools like Scratch and JavaScript (p5.js).  In addition to the fun coding challenges that included game and web design products, the girls were also exposed to over 30 volunteers representing either IT companies or career fields.  Big thanks goes out to key sponsors who included Louisiana Tech Park, Geocent, Sparkhound, General Informatics, New Aperio, NexusLA, Giraphics, K&J Home Services and the Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System.  We also wish to thank Costco, Bet-R and Whole Foods who supplied snacks for the day.