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Our Opportunities

I. Multisession Opportunity --- On-going opportunities that require repeat EBR class visits over the course of a school semester. Our multisession opportunities include: 

  • STEMup BR Middle School Mentor --- Be an EBR middle school mentor and lead a hands on project along with a team of business professionals to a 6th, 7th, or 8th grade class. This opportunity goes over the course of a semester and requires 6 one-hour team visits to a middle school classroom. We provide all lessons and materials and place you with a team and school. Read more here

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II. One Day Opportunity (Weekday) --- One time events that only require a day long commitment. These weekday opportunities typically take place at an EBR school or local site such as BRCC and are a one-time, one-day event. Our weekday one time opportunities include: 

  • One day coding camps
  • One day engineering challenges

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III. One Day Opportunity (Weekend) --- One time events that only require a one day commitment. Weekend opportunities vary in theme and location, but only require a one-time, one-day commitment. Our weekend one time opportunities include: 

  • BR Mini Maker Faire 2016

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One Time Events

(Oct 8) EBR Parish Library Maker Faire

(Ongoing) STEMup Multisession Mentoring has ongoing recruitment. Please feel free to volunteer to be a STEMup Mentor!