Getting Straight Hairs Is Not That Straightforward As Is Sounds

on 4-29-2020 in Hair Care Routine

Getting Straight Hairs Is Not That Straightforward As Is Sounds

Women try several hairstyles in their lifetime, and most of them have agreed to the fact that there’s no comparison to straight hairs. Straight hairs might sound simple and not a style, but the truth is something else, and maintaining straight hairs is more complicated than others. Flat ironing or straightening your hair without damage could be difficult without the right equipment and the technique to do it.

Preparations Needed Before Straightening Of Hairs

Of course, the right tool is vital for adequately straightening off hair, and it is recommended that you use a ceramic hair straightener with a temperature control feature. You should wash your hairs and clean them from any oil or dirt or dust and let them dry completely before you straighten them.

ceramic hair straightener

Once your hairs are absolutely dry, you should preheat the straightener to 301 degrees as it is supposedly the safest ways to straighten your hair. Also, use the special straightening comb and properly comb the hairs right before straightening. Make sure you don’t keep straightening the same part of hairs repeatedly as it can be harmful.

How To Maintain Straightened Hairs For A Long Time

special straightening combTo ensure that your hairs remain straightened for a longer time, you should firstly avoid restyling them in any case. Also, it would be best if you don’t wash them for a few days unless necessary, in which case a conditioner is highly recommended. Ensure that you can keep the hairs as much hydrated for the healthiest way to straighten hair and repair the damaged hairs with deep conditioning.

Straight hairs never go out of style, but they can go out of their straightness; therefore, you would need to redo the process in a month or so for perfect looks.

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