How Long Could You Go Without Shampooing Your Hairs?

on 4-07-2020 in Hair Care Routine

How Long Could You Go Without Shampooing Your Hairs?

No doubt that our hairs go greasy and dirty within a few days if not washed with shampoo, but some people argue that a regular shower without shampoo can also adequately clean the hairs. This argument can be justified in several cases, but not all hairs are the same, not all bathing water is the same, and not everyone shares the same climatic conditions.

Let’s see in what situations could washing hair without shampoo be normal and how long could you continue this way.

Do This If You Are Not Shampooing Hairs This Time

Although you can neglect any substitute to wash your hairs if they are not greasy or dirty and thoroughly washing hair with just water to keep them hydrated can do. But if they appear to be a little greasy, then you can apply the bar soap. Make sure the bar soap has any of the following quality.

scalp hairs

  • Goat milk or similar milk extracts present in the soap.
  • Liquid Herbal shampoo bars are also suitable for the scalp.
  • Use your regular bathing bar only if it’s non-acidic.

If you are applying any soap on the scalp, it will become necessary to condition the locks to use all-natural homemade conditioning solutions.

Remember These Points When On A No-Shampoo Mission

When you go out, your hairs will catch pollutants and dirt from the surroundings, which is why you can try a cap to keep them safe. Moreover, as your hairs can easily go greasy, one should avoid using regular hair oil to attract dust and dirt. Therefore, use a non-sticky hair serum that does provide all essential nutrition for scalp hairs but is non-oily or sticky when you are cleaning your hair without shampoo.

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